Back To Racing Without Fans

I am fine with the fact that NASCAR has decided to go back to racing without fans in the stand. It’s the first step back to normalcy as from what has been months with no racing, not counting iRacing, which is not real racing. Sorry for those who love video games and such. (Although I did think it was pretty funny when Taylor Hamlin caused Denny to wreck by accidentally (?) shut off his monitor and he crashed into a wall).

After watching the first race back and hearing several drivers comment on how weird it was to be at the track without fans…my dad came up with a great idea. Attach video monitors with web cams to some of the seats and let fans “buy” a seat. What they get is a race track view that only they have. And at the end of the race, allow the fans watching to project their own image out onto the monitor to cheer for the winning driver! That would be kind of a cool idea. Probably not that feasible but it is a good idea any way.

I understand NASCAR’s need to make some races mid week to make up for the weeks without racing. However, they shouldn’t be surprised that viewership is lower. I may be working from home right now, but I’m still working. I don’t turn on the television while I am working. I am working and my work usually requires my full attention because when I am not dealing with customers on the phone, I am creating and editing documentation or working on delegating service tickets and the like. So I may be at home but I am definitely working. I can catch some of the weekday racing the later it is- because I live on the west coast though, 4:00 pm my time is 7:00 pm eastern and usually that means the races are over or nearly over.

Coming back to the track will be an interesting and arduous experience for NASCAR because how do you not keep fans from sitting close to each other, unless you remove seats- many of which are already sold. It’s something they will have to consider. I don’t envy that job for sure.

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