Win A Mustang with Kevin Harvick at Daytona

Plan on watching the Daytona 500? Want to win a Mustang? It sounds easy but it’s not. But you will have to be super fast and have a twitter account. How fast? Well that depends on the #4 Pit Crew.

How to win: Each time Harvick pits during the race you will have between 12-16 seconds (depending on the time it takes the pit crew to service the #4 Busch Ford). You just have to tweet #Pit4Busch and #Sweepstakes for a chance to win. Each pit stop is it’s own sweepstakes. Yes you read that right- each pit stop is a different car. But the mustangs up for grabs aren’t you average Ford Mustang. They are each wrapped with the #4 classic Busch paint scheme.

Happy tweeting…may the odds be ever in your favor and may you have lightning fast tweet-flexes. You can read the official rules for the sweepstakes at

One thought on “Win A Mustang with Kevin Harvick at Daytona

  1. I would love to win. I can see me pulling up to my sons Kart race styling in that beautiful car. Mustang is my sons fav car.
    Pick me


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