The Bud Crash…I mean Clash and Jimmie’s Last 500

So this weekend was the Bud Crash…I mean Clash. I am not sure if you could even call that a race – it was more of a wreckfest than anything. I hope that is not telling of the Daytona 500. I know I am not the only one who felt that it was ridiculous the amount of crashing those cars were doing. So what we know so far is that Ricky Stenhouse Jr is on the pole for the 500.

He’s usually pretty good at super speedways- if he can avoid the mayhem that they have on track. So we will see how that goes for him. Anyone got any favorites for the 500? Based on just the Clash it’s honestly hard for me to pick a winner. I know a lot of people want Jimmie Johnson to win. It would be nice for him to win since he is in the midst of the longest non-win streak of his career, but I don’t necessarily want that for him.

Why? Typically the winner of the 500 does not fair well the rest of season. I would like to see Jimmie’s last full-time season end with some superiority. I mean if you think about recent retirees and their last season: Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr, and Tony Stewart- not one of them had that great of a final season. I would like for Jimmie not to go that route.

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