Introducing Ourselves…again

We are the same ol’ bloggers (Amy and Misty) but we are relocated to


Badgroove was originally hosted by a friend of a friend. It’s now disappeared so I decided to just start fresh for the 2020 race season here on wordpress- since it’s a platform I already know.

Who are we?

Amy is a long time motorsports fan who loves NASCAR. She started out as a Bill Elliot fan when she was a child because he drove a ford and that is what her parents drove at the time. Later she became a die-hard Tony Stewart fan and still is to this day. She currently roots for the Stewart-Haas drivers in general until she gets pulled towards a single driver again- which hasn’t happened yet now that Tony’s retired from NASCAR. She also watches INDYCar sometimes, NHRA, and basically anything else involving wheels. She loves to write (both here and is currently working on her fiction) and works at a university to pay the bills. Amy is the Founder of both and

Misty started her love of racing when Amy begged her to go to a race with her. She was a Jeff Gordon fan before she was a race fan (I know that seems weird but it’s true). Of course when Amy took her to her first race in her new hometown of Las Vegas and a fan was born. She has loved Jeff since the beginning. And now that he has retired she considers herself a William Byron fan.

We are still our opinionated selves- just in a new house.

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